LUCKY 13 –   

Jan. 10, 2023 – Justice for hoodie-and-shorts guys: Congressional elections are all about representation. And while I am a Californian, at no other point in history have I felt more represented than when John Fetterman, the blue-collar giant known for appearing on the campaign trail in shorts and a hoodie, was sworn in as a senator from Pennsylvania. As a longtime hoodie-and-shorts guy, I greatly appreciate Mr. Fetterman’s dedication to the bit; neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night has deterred him from wearing his preferred outfit in public.

My hope is that Mr. Fetterman’s bravery, along with Covid chic’s becoming more acceptable outside of video calls, will bring more of us hoodie-and-shorts guys out of the woodwork and onto the national stage in 2023. This is more than just athleisure: It is a movement. — Mike Isaac, technology reporter


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