Executive Corner – Steven Herndon

Executive Corner

June 18, 2017
The Executive Corner is a new weekly feature of the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin. We send our participants forty questions and ask them to choose twenty they would like to answer. It includes a short profile and a link to their website. We hope you enjoy it.




Steve Herndon serves as president and co- founder of Safety Net Recovery, a structured sober living community for men. Steve is a born leader. In 1999, while attending and playing football for the University of Georgia, he was elected team captain. Steve’s dedication on the field also earned him the Leon Farmer Strength and Conditioning award… his talent on the gridiron lead him to a six-year career in the NFL, playing offensive line for the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons. Once he committed to getting clean, he
gave it everything he had. After completing treatment, where he met his future-business- partner, Taylor, he trained as an addiction counselor, and went on to become the executive director of Third Step Recovery. Steve lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with his wife and three children.

Steven Herndon, CACII, NCAC, CCS
President & Co-Founder
Safety Net Recovery                                             

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1. If you are in recovery, what was your DOC and when did you discontinue its use?
My DOC was Opiates and Cocaine. The reality was that I would take anything just to make me feel different. I checked into treatment on October 14, 2006. I have been blessed to have 10 ½ years of continuous sobriety.

2. At which of the schools you attended did you learn the most?
The University of Georgia is where I attended college and received my degree in Business Education. The most important thing I learned was setting my alarm clock.

3. Which film have you watched the most?
This one is tough. It is probably a tie between Coming to America and Scarface

4.  If you ever retire, would you prefer to live by the ocean, lake, river, or mountaintop, or penthouse?
My retirement is going to be contingent on being close to my 3 children. Hopefully they go to a great school in the south and we can retire on the lake somewhere.

5.  What is your favorite hotel or resort?
I absolutely love nice hotels and spas. I had the privilege of being given the key to the Playboy suite at the Palms in Vegas. It was just me and my best friend while in active use. We both actually hit a bottom that night/morning. It was 5am and we ran out of the dope. As we sat there planning our next move, we realized we were already done. We couldn’t even enjoy a 60k per night room.

6.  What is your biggest or littlest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is the person at the greenlight who sits there and waits five minutes before hitting the gas. As an American, we have a responsibility to be kind and considerate of others. I don’t think starring at the green light falls under that category.

7. If you had an extra million dollars, which charity would you donate it to?
My million would go to the special Olympics. I admire all individuals with disabilities but to go to the Special Olympics is taking it to the next level.

8. Who was your biggest influence throughout your life?
My mom always told me to do my best and then I could look in the mirror regardless of the outcome and hang my head high. My mom taught me so many life lessons and witnessing her resilience carried me in everything I faced.

9. What is your current hobby?
Listening to rap music and playing video games. I recently took a trip to Utah and borrowed my sons Nintendo switch hoping he wouldn’t notice.

10. Favorite Band/composer/musical artist?
The name might not ring a bell with but Bubba Sparxxx is the obvious choice. We have been best friends since middle school. I was going to be a rapper and he was going to play in the NFL. Somehow, the roles got reversed.

11. Favorite Sport to watch? To play?
Football at any level is my favorite sport to watch. Fridays in the fall are filled with watching Georgia High School football. On Saturdays, my family bases everything on when the University of Georgia, (Go Dawgs) is playing. Sundays consist of watching the redzone channel so I can make sure I’m solid with my fantasy football decisions.However, Basketball is my favorite sport to play. I just love the game.

12. Favorite Snack?
Hummus!! I love dipping carrots and celery in gobs of Hummus. My wife has to buy the massive ones you get from Costco. I can typically finish a huge tub of Hummus in a couple of days.

13. Favorite Cuisine?
Italian food. I love good bread, olive oil and lots of salt.

14. Favorite City
Barcelona is my favorite city that I have visited. I still need to visit many more before I can truly answer this question. My favorite city in the US would have to be LA. Being a DSGB, (Down South Georgia Boy) there is something about being in LA that just feels good.

15. Have you ever been arrested and, if so, what for? Time?
I was very blessed in my using days that I never got arrested. I pray that continues.

16. Do you have any children? Grandchildren?
I have 3 wonderful children. John is my oldest son and he is 7yrs old. My daughter Anna will be 5yrs old in September. Finally, my youngest son Noah will be 3 in October.

17. Do you take work home with you?.
I do my best to leave work at work. As part of my living amends to my wife, I try to be the best husband and father I can possibly be when I walk into my house.

18. What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
I was at a TD Ameritrade workshop and the guy presenting asked “What color is a Yield sign”? Everyone replied, “Yellow”! The guy said, “Folks, you don’t know, what you don’t know”. He then told everyone that the yield sign changed to Red back in 1971.

19. PC or Mac? Why?
Mac, it is user-friendly and Virus free at all times.

20. What game do you like to play in a casino?
Blackjack for sure. Mostly because you get to interact with others.