14 Years of IN THE ROOMS

14 years ago, Ken Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum came up with a revolutionary idea that was to change the face of recovery for people around the world. What started as a great idea, flourished into a globally recognized recovery tool and lifesaving platform for millions of people.

With Kens imaginative nature and Ron’s can do attitude the pair immediately set about creating what we now know as InTheRooms.com or ITR to it’s devoted users. With the popularity of social media platforms skyrocketing, the pair felt that creating an inclusive and safe space for the recovery community was totally doable. Having enjoyed decades of recovery themselves, through a 12 step process, they both understood the importance of anonymity for the potential users of this new platform. They endeavoured to keep their users safe in all aspects, and making sure users personal information was well sealed behind a firewall was also priority. The list of what Ron and Ken wanted grew and included a wish to have live, online meetings to cater for all recovery fellowships and paths.

All of that and more has come to fruition. It’s gone initially from technology not being able to support online meetings, to now having over 150 live, interactive meetings per week with something to support every time zone. Included are 69 live online AA meetings, 30 NA meetings, Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous, CODA, Dual Diagnosis, and much more.

Addiction, in all its forms, is a scary concept for most people. It is largely misunderstood, and finding people with empathy and understanding to talk to about it can be a difficult task. It was that need for friendship and understanding that brings people to In The Rooms. Thankfully,  The addiction “stigma” has significantly relaxed over the last 15 years, with people now posting their anniversaries on Facebook and Instagram for all to see. There is no doubt that InTheRooms.com has contributed to that freedom of thought and expression, piloted by the passion for a recovery lifestyle that Ken and Ron enjoyed themselves.

Ron and Ken were never prepared for all of the people that started their Recovery on In The Rooms. They built this site initially for people that had already had some experience in Recovery. What they found though, was that many members had never been to a “face to face” meeting, and In The Rooms became their “lifeline” to recovery.

If you have never visited InTheRooms.com. Please do, it’s FREE, you have nothing to lose. If you are a member and haven’t logged in a long time, please come back to see all the new features we have and how we have matured.