Fabian Quezada-Malkin

Fabian Quezada-Malkin
Writer & Hollywood Hairstylist 

Guest speaker
Chasing The News … Stone Cold Sober
September 21, 2020 

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Fabian Quezada-Malkin began his career as an assistant stylist more than a decade ago at Joseph Martin Salon, where he is now one of the most sought-after colorists in Beverly Hills, California.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, his devout mother worked two jobs to support her family. Early on he knew he was gay, and felt ostracized in his deeply religious home. At 16 he was sent to seminary so the priests “could make me straight”. Seeing one of the priests at a gay bar one night – Fabian left the seminary and went back home. But soon he met a man and moved to the US with his American boyfriend at 17, Fabian was left homeless after they broke up.  

He began drinking and using with his next boyfriend and when he tried to stop he found he couldn’t. “I finally realized I had to get sober and change my life. I started going to AA meetings…”

Fabian was directed to the LA Gay & Lesbian Center which he credits with saving and giving him a life.  “The Center taught me how to become an adult and showed me how to take responsibility for my life.” 

Another passion, besides his work as a celebrity colorist, the Center and husband, Marc Malkin, is the annual AIDS/LifeCyle Ride.  The AIDS/LifeCycle ride is a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from LA to San Francisco to raise money and awareness about the continuing impact of HIV and AIDS.  The money raised goes to Los Angeles LGBT Center, and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Fabian has been married to Senior Editor at Variety Marc Malkin since 2014. They co-authored the book Fried Chicken for the Married Gay Soul, and share a love of Dolly Parton and their 2 dogs, Paca and Jeb.

IG: @FabianHairColorist

FB: https: /fabian.quezada.372