Holiday 2020 – Letter from the Editor

December 22, 2020

Dear readers, Welcome to Christmas 2020. Well, this isn’t your traditional Christmas, but the heartfelt gratitude to our subscribers, contributors and sponsors/advertisers is invested with the same sincerity as always.  Our readership is rising as more and more people find themselves wanting more and more connection to the world of recovery.

Treatment centers – and I mean the real ones of compassion, understanding and true intent – find themselves socially distanced at a time when, more than ever, their means, methods and integrity are of undeniable value.

We have always proclaimed that “treatment works,” but we are not blind to the fact that there are a few facilities that are disrespected due to deceptions, unethical billing practices and reprehensible client acquisition methods. These highly publicized “bad guys” stain the reputation of all treatment centers, the majority of which are of admirable ethics and proven value.  At the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin, we welcome advertising, sponsorships and article submissions from the honest and the ethical.  We are pleased to be recognized as the home of the Good Guys.

At a time when recovery of the individual is threatened by external events on an unprecedented scale, our readership continues to rise. This indicates two things, at least.  We are providing something of value, and that value is being recognized more and more. As current conditions threaten the sobriety and recovery of millions, more people than ever need what we offer – a unique and entertaining connection to the vast world of addiction and recovery in all its forms: deadly serious, gleefully amusing, tragically fascinating, uplifting, hopeful, absurd and at its very essence, real. 

An undeniable aspect of recovery is gratitude. At this time of “comfort and joy” a season of giving and appreciation, celebration and receiving of gifts, let us celebrate the gift of recovery, the gift of the support someone in recovery gives to those who still suffer, gently, lovingly offering their contribution to the life of someone else, anticipating no reward other than the act itself.

So, with gratitude to each of you – readers, advertisers, contributors – Merry Christmas from the team at the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin, 2020.

Peace and Blessings, Leonard Buschel
Associate editor, Ahbra Kaye