Brain Based Treatment for Recovery, Relapse Prevention and Improved Mental Health

by Sonnee Weedn, Ph.D. Pioneer in the Field of Neuro-Engineering

Sonnee Weedn, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist with offices in Novato and Newport Beach, CA, provides neuro-engineering in her local offices and throughout the United States, or actually, anywhere in the world where the internet is available. This methodology for healing alcoholism/addiction, depression, anxiety, PTSD, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, concussion and other psychiatric and psychological issues, was developed by Curtis Cripe, Ph.D.  a former JPL and NASA engineer. Dr. Weedn has studied with Dr. Cripe for over seven years and is licensed to use his brain-mapping evaluation process, called NeuroCodeX® and his brain-engineering process called NeuroCoach,® which restores damaged neural circuitry and eliminates the compulsive nature of addiction.

It is well-known that the rate of relapse for people suffering with alcoholism and addiction is extremely high. Though there are many factors involved, an important one is that the neural circuitry of the brain has been damaged through the toxic exposure involved in the disease process. Sometimes, there is an undiagnosed concussion causing unbearable anxiety and depression that leads to addiction. 

Of course, there can be many reasons underlying compulsive substance abuse despite negative consequences. But, the fact that most people with issues of chemical dependency have poor overall brain resilience (are stress sensitive) combined with poor impulse control and lowered ability to retain information, implies that traditional treatment regimens will have poor outcomes until the brain is repaired and restored to pre-morbid functioning. Most brain training programs are focused on symptom reduction and provide some relief for sufferers, but do not repair damaged or under-functioning circuitry. Brain engineering takes an approach that allows the brain to heal and reach a new, stable homeostatic set-point, so that long term recovery is not just possible, but more likely. Treatment is completely individualized depending on the outcome of the evaluation.

People who have completed chemotherapy, suffer from fibromyalgia, have had COVID-19 “brain fog,” deficits due to normal aging, and issues due to the damage of alcoholism/addiction, benefit greatly from the NeuroCodeX®/NeuroCoach® methodology, which remediates and improves their overall cognition, impulse control and judgment.

While these methods serve suffering children and adults, this neuro-engineering program is also utilized by elite and professional athletes, executives and other professionals interested in optimizing their current brain-based abilities, including overall brain resilience, information retention, learning ability, eye-hand coordination, impulse control, emotion regulation, auditory processing, and so much more. 

This equipment is currently being used with astronauts in the Mars Simulator in North Dakota as part of ongoing research for optimizing brain health during lengthy travels in Deep Space.

The initial evaluation involves a standard qEEG, with the client wearing an EEG cap attached to Dr. Weedn’s proprietary computer program, which records all brain activity for later analysis. While still wearing the cap, the client attempts numerous subtests which evaluate over 300 domains of the brain. This process takes about two hours. The results are analyzed and a detailed report is generated, itemizing strengths and weaknesses within the person’s brain function. Remediation specific to the person’s brain mapping occurs three times a week for 50-minute sessions in the comfort of their own home and on their own computer with downloaded software and a dry cap to wear during brain training exercises. The length of time needed to repair the damaged and/or weakened areas is variable depending on the amount of damage that has occurred.

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