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The Addiction Recovery eBulletin is the most widely read and highly regarded source of news for treatment professionals and members of the recovering community. Every week the eBulletin aggregates dozens of the most interesting and important articles from around the world related to addiction in all its manifestations. The stories highlight the glory of recovery; the value of treatment. We also cover mental illness and wellness; social ills and the people who have turned their lives around, and are working to help heal some of the flaws characteristic in contemporary culture.

Our audience includes industry professionals, health and wellness clinicians, doctors, CEO’s, MFT’s, admission coordinators, sober influencers, press and members of the recovery community. Currently we have over 18,000 weekly subscribers and the website https://addictionrecoveryebulletin.org has over 10,000 visitors a month.


Read what other people have to say about us:


“Always good. always informative.”
Mackenzie Phillips, actor and recovery advocate


“There isn’t a better recovery messenger anywhere.”
—Mark Lundholm, comedian and inspirational speaker
Positive Progression


“Thanks for publishing. You always have such interesting topics.”
—Dr. Louise Stanger


“Addiction/Recovery eBulletin is a regular fount of fresh information and wide-ranging perspectives on addiction as it manifests in our culture, and especially in the creative/theatrical/artistic community. Each issue is an entertaining compendium that fascinates, challenges and teaches.”
—Gabor Maté M.D.,
Author, “In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction,” “When the Body Says No: Understanding the Stress-Disease Connection”


“Your Views from the Top, Bottom, and In-between are frequently enlightening to observe what people of note have to say….”
—Buzz Aldrin,
former astronaut. Lunar  Pilot on Apollo 11, he and Neil Armstrong were the first two humans to land on the surface of the Moon. Aldrin set foot on the Moon at 3:15:16, Jul. 21, 1969


“I can easily say the Addiction Recovery eBulletin has become my go to resource for everything to do with addiction — it’s entertaining, informative and cutting edge … in a word … awesome!”
Stephanie Kavoulakos
, M.A., LMFT
VP, PR & Marketing, SFV-CAMFT


“The Addiction Recovery e-Bulletin is one of the few emails I look forward to reading each week. Expertly curated, the e-Bulletin is always packed with the latest news, research, and developments within the industry, providing a reliable source of information for writers and journalists reporting on addiction recovery.”
—Olivia Pennelle
, Founder & Chief Disruptor, Liv’s Recovery Kitchen


“It’s a unique service to addicts and their families. And an informational periodical for the rehab industry. If I don’t ingest the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin, then I immediately need a fix.”
Paul Krassner
, American author, journalist, comedian, and founder of the magazine The Realist. Krassner became a key figure in the counterculture of the 1960s as a member of Ken Kesey‘s Merry Pranksters. – Feb. 2016


Addiction/Recovery eBulletin Staff

Editor and Publisher:

Leonard Buschel is a Philadelphia native, and a very happy Los Angeles. transplant. He is California Certified Substance Abuse Counselor with years of experience working with people struggling with addiction. He attended Naropa University in Boulder, CO. Mr. Buschel is the founder of Writers In Treatment whose primary purpose is to promote ‘treatment’ as the best first step solution for addiction, alcoholism and other self-destructive behaviors. Leonard is the director of the nine year old REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium®, and is the editor/publisher of the weekly Addiction/Recovery eBulletin®. He also produces the annual Experience, Strength and Hope Awards® in Los Angeles. He just celebrated 23 years clean and sober.


In Addition: Mr. Buschel has studied with many numinous psychologists and evolutionary thinkers including R.D. Laing, Bruno Bettleheim, Joseph Chilton Pierce, Pir Valiat Khan, James Hillman, Robert Bly, Chogyem Trungpa Rimpoche, Rev. Michael Beckwith and Ram Dass. He also was the co-founder of The Laughter Heals Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting the healing power of laughter. Recently he assisted Malibu Ranch Milestones with their full day workshop with Dr. Patch Adams. Mr. Buschel also assisted at the Spirit Recovery Conference in Palm Springs, featuring Byron Katie, Dr. Joan Borysenko Tian Dayton and Mariette Hartley. Previously Mr. Buschel worked for Logan House Publications as editor and publisher.

Director of Operations:

Ahbra Schiff is proud to be part of Leonard Buschel’s Writers In Treatment family for the past 2.5 years.  Since being hired she was given opportunities to learn and grow into the position she holds today.  From watching short films and making phone calls in 2017 to programming over 80 films for the New York, Los Angeles and Denver Reel Recovery Film Festival & Symposiums in 2019.  She also enjoys the challenges proffered by working for a multi-media recovery network, Writers In Treatment.

Programmer/Co-Producer of the REEL Recovery Film Festival

Associate Editor – Addiction Recovery eBulletin

Co-Producer – Experience, Strength and Hope Awards

This is not her first time in production as Ahbra is credited with co-producing her 3 amazing children, Joshua 26, Jordyn 22 and Ellie 16, a job which also allowed her to get her feet wet in Operations and Outreach. Prior to that, she studied at various citadels of higher education including Hobart/William Smith in Geneva, NY, UCLA, CSUN and both Pierce and Santa Monica City College—but she considers her alma mater to be Tarzana Treatment Center, because “that’s where I began to learn about myself … and what a ‘pookie’ was.” Ms. Schiff attended Beverly Hills High School at the same time as Nick Cage, Pauly Shore and Jakob Dylan, but she wasn’t friends with any of them. She once went paddle boarding during a thunderstorm in Malibu, has been on several safaris in Africa, sailed down the Amazon, caught frogs in the rainforest of three different South American countries, but who’s counting.

Graphic Designer:

Chris Lukather is a graphic designer and web designer. He studied art and design at a well-known art college north of Los Angeles. He’s a California native. When he’s not working, he’s at home taking care of Zoe – aka, the second Cutest Dog in the World.

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