Ryan Hampton

Ryan Hampton, author, recovery advocate

Guest speaker
Chasing The News … Stone Cold Sober
August 26, 2020 

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Over five years into recovery from a decade-long opioid addiction, Ryan Hampton has risen to the top of America’s addiction recovery advocacy movement. A former White House staffer during the Clinton administration, he is now a leading face and voice of addiction recovery and has been instrumental in changing the national conversation about addiction.

With content that reaches over 1 million people a week, Ryan is inspiring a new generation of people recovering out loud through his Voices Project. He’s also advocating for solutions and holding public policy makers accountable.

He was part of the core team that released the first-ever U.S. Surgeon General’s report on addiction in 2016 and was singled out by Forbes as a top social entrepreneur in the recovery movement. Ryan connects a vast network of people who are passionate about ending the drug epidemic in America. He has received praise from Democrats and Republicans alike for helping them understand and address addiction as a non-political issue—eliminating political boundaries to build an inclusive coalition focused on solutions.

He has been featured by—and is a contributor to—media outlets such as USA Today, MSNBC, Fox and Friends, the New York Times, NPR, HLN, Vice, Forbes, Slate, HuffPost, The Hill, the Wall Street Journal, the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin and others.

He worked closely with representatives on both sides of the aisle in crafting portions of the historic H.R. 6, SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act. The bill addresses, among other things, increased access to Medication Assisted Treatment and promotes incentives for production and use of non-addictive opioid alternatives. His recent article “DEATH BY OVERDOSE OR BY VENTILATOR?” was featured in the July 28th edition of the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin.  His first book, “American Fix — Inside the Opioid Addiction Crisis and How to End It” published by St. Martin’s Press, was released in August 2018.

Ryan Hampton