Letter from the Editor as we begin our 7th Year.

September 3, 2019

We are very blessed to be entering our 7th year of publication. The team at the eBulletin has curated over 9,000 news articles, features, book and film reviews, editorials, videos, advocacy movements, celebrity sobriety stories, and a vast array of pertinent, powerful and passionate descriptions of the hope and heart break associated with Addiction and Recovery.

Every Tuesday we take great pride and responsibility regarding the importance of our mission. “To provide our readers and the general public with the most up-to-date news and views every week regarding addiction and recovery in the US and abroad– Good News or Bad.”

We send out and post on our website, only information from the previous week providing our 25,000 subscribers, over 20,000 social media connections, and the thousands of visitors to www.addictionrecoveryebulletin.org for “News You Can’t Abuse”.

In the last year I have had the unmitigated pleasure of working with Associate Editor, Ahbra Schiff (a high school Spelling Bee champion). She provides her extensive vocabulary to our efforts and a seriousness that must always accompany exposing societal ills and the people who say they are there to help. Ahbra is also a great “caption’ writer, and helps to keep mine from being too erudite or arcane.

Big Kudos to our graphics and internet skipper, Chris Lukather.

Even though we’re located near Beverly Hills, there is nothing FAKE about our news. Not artificial ingredients have been added to keep our readers interested and informed.

I love hearing from readers who constantly tell me that the eBulletin is their primary source of addiction/recovery news. If there is a published press release about you, your facility or an event that the public needs to know about, please send me a link to the article and we’ll consider sharing it with our readers.

We also publish original articles and insightful commentary such as:

• From Woodstock to Betty Ford to 25 Years Clean and Sober: What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been…https://addictionrecoveryebulletin.org/from-woodstock-to-betty-ford-to-25-years-clean-and-sober-what-a-long-strange-trip-its-been/

• Dr. Gabor Maté’s critique of the Surgeon General’s Report on Addiction (https://addictionrecoveryebulletin.org/dr-gabor-mate-critique/),

• Tribute to the America Hero, Tom Hayden. (https://addictionrecoveryebulletin.org/tom-hayden-tribute)

Another popular regular feature is the weekly “Executive’s Corner” – Clinician’s Corner and Artist’s Corner. We spotlight an individual who, by their leadership and accomplishments, warrants special recognition and community appreciation. (https://addictionrecoveryebulletin.org/advertising/)

If you would like to be featured, please drop me a line. We will send you 40 questions and you choose the 20 you want to answer. When published, we will include your bio, photograph, and a link to your website.

We are very proud of our fans, such as Buzz Aldrin, Dr. Gabor Maté and Mackenzie Phillips who took the time to send in their testimonials. www.addictionrecoveryebulletin.org/fan-mail/

I want to send bouquets of gratitude to our advertisers who make this weekly eBulletin possible.

A final word – we pledge to continue doing what we do, the best way we know how. Keep reading. More will be revealed.

Sincerely, Leonard Buschel

P.S. Ahbra here! I want to chime in here and say what an honor it has been work with Leonard these past 28 months. First I was watching films, then making sponsor sales, to programming the REEL Recovery Film Festival & Symposium (October 11-17 in LA and November 1-7 in NY) and this past year taking on a new responsibility as associate editor of the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin.

Actually, I nudged my news junkie boss to let me work on it too.

At first I set about looking for some uplifting articles having to do with addiction, mindfulness or happiness, but soon I was attracted to the dark side and found stories like “Liquid Meth Found in Snow Globes” and “Quarterback Arrested After Cops Mistook Bird Poop For Cocaine”. 

Working on the eBulletin also keeps my brain stimulated and my news antenna always up. Now when I’m listening  to the radio and the announcer says, “Breaking news, just in” it takes my breath away. My work has also kept my Netflix viewing habit from becoming a full-blown addiction. 

Good stories make for good captions and good captions keep the banter flowing as the Addiction/Recovery eBulletin is put together Monday afternoon and finalized Tuesday morning before it is sent out to 25,000 eager readers.  I am proud of the work we do — and I intend to continue to disseminate information from only the best new sources available.

Best Regards,Ahbra Schiff
Associate Editor: Addiction/Recovery eBulletin

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