In The Rooms Offers Live Online Addiction Recovery Meetings for Those at Risk from COVID-19

Ken Pomerance                                                            

In The Rooms

Co-Founders Ronald Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance available for interviews.

Plantation, FLIn The Rooms, a social community website for those recovering from alcohol, drug and other addictions, continues to offer online peer recovery meetings as it always has. Live streaming meetings are especially essential as COVID-19 spreads. Anyone who wants to reduce their COVID-19 risk can attend online recovery meetings at In The Rooms.

The site has long provided online recovery meetings to people who can’t attend their regular face-to-face meetings due to work, travel, or illness. The website already serves over 592,000 people in addiction recovery worldwide. Anyone who is under quarantine or who is worried about the COVID-19 risk of face-to-face meetings is welcome to join the In The Rooms community.

In The Rooms co-founders Ronald Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance first developed the website to give recovering addicts more ways to attend the meetings so essential to their recovery. “If you’re in recovery and concerned about attending your meetings because of the coronavirus,” says Tannebaum, “In The Rooms has the safer solution for you. We have more than 130 live online video meetings each week that you can attend from the safety of your home or anywhere else, available through your computer or phone.”

“We’ve done our best to come up with a unique platform which gives the warmth and caring you’d find in any in-person meeting. The only things missing are the hugs!” Pomerance adds.

In The Rooms currently offers its 592,000 online members:

• 131 online recovery meetings each week

• Remote access to recovery meetings for all members around the world

Because of the current concern about spreading COVID-19 or ongoing quarantines around the world, In The Rooms has already become a recommendation for the addiction recovery community:

Reachout Recovery mentioned the site as an online option for “people who should not go to in-person meetings with the Coronavirus spreading”

Faces and Voices of Recovery named the site a “key resource” for “personal (Recovery) support networks that can be accessed online” in a member-facing announcement

About In The Rooms: The website, launched in 2008, offers all its video meetings with free online membership, and also gives members expert input from substance-abuse doctors and counselors, written member testimonies and online content about substance-free living. To date, 70% of its membership are over the age of 35 years, with 53% over 45. Co-founder Ronald Tannebaum is available at, and co-founder Ken Pomerance is available at