Healing Begins Within the Family – New Book by Dr. Louise Stanger

Dr. Louise Stanger is an Ivy League Award winner (2019 Interventionist of the Year from DB Resources in London and McLean Hospital – an affiliate of Harvard), educated social worker, popular author, internationally renowned clinician, interventionist and speaker and an expert on mental health, addiction, process disorders and chronic pain. She is the founder of All About Interventions and is an authentically kind, warm and compassionate person

Addiction in the Family is Dr. Stanger’s fifth book.  Her practical, hopeful, and family centric approach provides compassionate guidance that teaches the reader how to navigate the unique challenges posed when a family member is suffering from substance use disorder (SUD). Through real-life examples of loss, hope, and recovery, Addiction in the Family provides insight into what the loved one is battling and how their struggle impacts entire family units. Dr. Stanger delves into the dynamics and challenges of dealing with a partner, child, or other family member who is suffering from SUD. Learning how to set boundaries, deal with strong emotions, and find addiction treatment options– as well as the best ways to communicate with a loved one compassionately and honestly– is a central goal of the book, taking the reader through a series of relevant anecdotes from Dr. Louise’s practice. As a clinician, she draws from personal as well as professional experience to help the reader contextualize their personal experiences.  Addiction in the Family offers practicable actions to take while dealing with a loved one’s addiction

Caren L. Sax, Ed.D., CRC, Professor and Chair in Department of Administration at San Diego State University writes of the book, “Louise Stanger speaks from the heart, offering relevant and compassionate support for families faced with substance use disorders. Sharing stories that will resonate with families struggling with the reality of their loved ones’ addictions, Dr. Stanger offers evidence-based practices in an accessible and non-threatening manner. Her decades of experience, both personally and professionally, will inform and empower families to initiate necessary conversations toward recovery.”

The praise for Addiction in the Family continues, “Your road to recovery starts with Addiction in the Family. Louise has dedicated her entire life to helping people with addiction. Her deep knowledge of substance use disorders, addiction, and mental illness guides you through the pages of the book. I found the section on “12 Common Myths About Addition” to be eye-opening and extremely supportive. This book is accessible, easy to digest, and provides top-notch tips and strategies for recovery” notes Joel A. Garfinkle, Author of Executive Presence and Getting Ahead.

Drawing on Dr. Louise Stanger’s years of experience as a substance use disorder and family trauma clinician, Addiction in the Family allows you to set your own pace and concentrate on the areas where you need the most help. Whether it’s finding ways to help your loved one, concentrating on your own self-care, or starting the recovery journey, Addiction in the Family is an important guide along the path of recovery.