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Op/Ed by Edgar Award winning author of Mom Said Kill and other true crime stories.

Hang ‘em High is not the name of a new wild west high school. It is a bold plan to bring back public executions for drug dealers. What stone age brain trust thought up this long disproven method of behavior control?  The United States of America, but not at the Federal level.  Public hangings for drug dealers is the bright punitive plan currently advocated by the municipal administration of Sylacauga, Alabama.

While this concept doesn’t qualify as a harm reduction strategy, it does qualify for full exposure in the latest Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin. Not only is this story timely in its timeless appeal of revealing how far Alabama has lagged behind in the comprehension of effective drug use reduction methods., but reveals the far end of the spectrum of addiction and recovery stories in the current Bulletin edition.

How to insult your Friends:  AIDS activistLarry Kramer constantly insulted and berated Dr. Fauci, attacking him repeatedly in the newspaper, on television and portrayed him as a vile and bitter enemy. In truth, they were the best of friends. Fauci understood exactly what Kramer was up to, and the motive for his over-the-top attacks.  Kramer wanted attention, and Dr. Fauci was the face of the slow moving inefficient Federal Government.  The latest e-Bulletin reveals the true nature of the relationship between these two men, close friends to the end, and why Fauci didn’t mind being vilified to millions by the late Larry Kramer.

Celebrity Rehab Redux: Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew aired for five seasons, all produced by my dear friend and radio co-host Howard Lapides. Drew took heat, and plenty of it, when people relapsed back into addiction or, in severe cases, OD’d, Getting celebrity guests wasn’t always easy.  Sean Young, a frequent guest on Outlaw Radio and our friend, was lovingly lured to the show by significant loot and promises that there would be no moments of embarrassment broadcast on the show. The latest e-Bulletin gives us a look back on not only “Where are they now,” but “Who’s still sober?”

AA’s Historic Mother’s Day Meeting. The night Bill Wilson met Dr. Bob, founders of AA, has been documented in made for TV movies – James Garner portrayed Dr. Bob;  James Woods played Bill Wilson. This meeting’s positive impact has made a world of difference all over the world, including the town in which it took place: Akron, Ohio.

A new 43-minute documentary dealing specifically with that single evening is now available featuring a very personal interview with Mary Huhn who shared vivid recollections of the night that Bill W. and Dr. Bob visited the Gate Lodge where her family lived at the time, The trouble with history is that the people living it didn’t always pay attention. After all, they usually didn’t know that the events of the normal lives would be historic events. Mary Huhn, thankfully, was paying attention.’

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The opposite of addiction is connection. People suffering in addiction feel disconnected, isolated, and alone even when in the presence of those with whom they use. A recent feature in the latest AREB tells the important role interpersonal connections play in the process of recovery, while a group of scientists from the University of Utah and Stanford University succeeded in controlling the choice behaviours of two monkeys by targeting specific parts of their brain. Yes, monkey brain mind control may offer important insights into overcoming addiction. Life is full of surprises, and the AREB is full of news you can use without using over the i! 

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