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August 14, 2020 – Though Kabita found it difficult to find work due to the Covid 19 pandemic, her husband refused to support her and continued to forcibly take money from her for alcohol. Though the woman always refused to give him her hard earned money, Sushant used to beat her. On many occasions, the family had to live on empty stomach due to this habit of Sushant.On Wednesday night, a quarrel broke out between the couple when Kabita refused to hand over money to Sushant. In a fit of rage, he started to beat Kabita and her kids. Frustrated over the daily torture, Kabita decided to get rid of Sushant.

Later in the night, Sushant returned home drunk and went to sleep. Kabita went to the room and killed him with an axe. In the morning, she went to Balikuda police station and gave herself in.

Police rushed to the spot and seized the body. Sushant’s brother Rabindra Samal lodged an FIR against Kabita basing on which a murder case was registered.

Balikuda IIC Sarbeswer Behera said the murder was a fall out of the victim’s alcoholism which led to frequent fights between the couple.

Police have arrested the woman and forwarded her to court.



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