Heath Care – American Style? – 

Nov. 1, 2019 – “I felt they should have had more education, pamphlets, the REDLINE number or stuff I had to find myself that they didn’t have. If somebody walks into the ER department reaching for help, I think they should be able to have the resources or phone numbers for people to call saying these people are wanting help now,” she said. How cases like this are handled depends on the hospital and its policy, and in some cases, it relies on what that specific medical professional knows. Gann believes it is an example of the limited resources medical centers in smaller communities are facing amid the opioid crisis … “In Robertson County where this happened, there really aren’t any intensive outpatient services and there is no residential treatment provider in that county,” Mary Linden Salter of the Tennessee Association of Alcohol, Drug & other Addiction Services told NewsChannel 5. Salter is not surprised because even a medical professional may not be exposed to the service system, especially in smaller communities. “There’s always been gaps and those gaps tend to happen in rural areas,” Salter added. In Nashville, larger hospitals…

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