Queen and Sober – 

November 13, 2020 – April Wozny: Tell us what is was like when you drank/used and what happened when you discovered the moment you realized you needed to get sober.

 Boa: When I first started doing drag, I was the drunkest queen at the show. It started giving me issues in my day to day life. Coke was very accessible. It escalated slowly over the years. A few months before I got sober, I knew I wanted to do it. My partner got sober so it was easier to get sober. 

Tiffany Boxx: When I first started my path on sobriety, such a wave of hesitation and temptation would come over me when audience members brought shots to the stage. While it’s never in an ill manner and the thought is always appreciated, I’ve learned the power of saying “no thank you” and how far that’ll actually go. PRO TIP: the money spent on the shot is always appreciated as well.

Starzy: Here is the thing, this can be a very controversial or political issue. As a queen hired to entertain in a bar or at an event sponsored by a beverage company you are almost required to push that brand, from a business perspective. But from a personal aspect, as a sober person wanting to promote sober living you have an obligation to your cause. It boils down to, should I take this gig because I need the money or do I pass up this opportunity because it’s not in line with what I believe in. The question asked, How do I feel about that? I have been in a position where I was asked to promote alcohol and I did it, but I felt like a complete hypocrite because I was speaking on something I knew absolutely nothing about.



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