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June 15, 2019 – AA was founded in 1935 by William Wilson and Robert Smith in Akron, Ohio. Years later, Wilson wrote to Jung acknowledging his “critical role in the founding of our Fellowship.” Jung’s unusual influence came largely through his unsuccessful treatment of Rowland Hazard, an investment banker and former state senator from Rhode Island who, in the late 1920s, found himself slipping ever deeper into uncontrollable drinking. In Wilson’s words, Hazard had “exhausted other means of recovery from his alcoholism” when he consulted Jung. … According to correspondence between Hazard and his cousin, the Pulitzer prize-winning poet Leonard Bacon (also a patient of Jung), Hazard had daily sessions with Jung in Zurich over several months, and stopped drinking. However, after an alcoholic relapse during a trip to Africa, Hazard was brought back by his cousin to Jung as a “court of last resort” in 1928. During this second analysis series, Jung pronounced Hazard a chronic alcoholic, and stated there was nothing more that psychiatry or medicine could do for him. There was just one hope, Jung said: Occasionally alcoholics could recover after experiencing some type of religious conversion. However, he cautioned, recoveries due to a life-changing “vital spiritual experience” were relatively rare.

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