We Can All Punch In –   

February 19, 2020 – He wrote: “I post this not as a pat on the back for myself. Rather, this is for you. To those who have less time than my two years – keep putting one foot in front of the other. We share the same path. And to those of you who have more sobriety time than I do – thank you for showing me the rewards that come with sobriety. We share the same path. And, for those of you who may be thinking of getting sober – We ALL start with one day. No better day than today to start with yours. There’s plenty more room on this path to share. #GratitudeAsFuck #Surrender #Humility #TwoYears #Sober #SoberAsFuck #SoberthdayAsFuck #SFG”

Kael spoke about his decision to get sober in a new interview with Metalshop TV. He explained (see video below): “If I had not stopped on February the 3rd [of 2018], I would not be here today. Actually, I had a conversation with my girlfriend at about 18 months, and we were talking about what would life be like just for us — between her and I — if I had continued drinking and doing drugs. And I was telling her, ‘You would be different because you would be much more fucked up than you are now…’ She doesn’t really get fucked up — she’s a normal person, which kills me, because she’s able to do it and stop; I can’t. And she always tried to keep up with me all the time. She’s a 110-pound young lady and I’m a 225-pound — right now, I think — dude, and she would keep up drink for drink for drink. I also had cocaine propelling me as well, so she tried to keep up with a dude twice her size also on blow. And it was not working. So I said that she would be different in that aspect. And then I thought about it for a second. And this was at 18 months sober. And I was, like, ‘Man, I really think I would be dead.’ And it hit me. I was, like, 18 months, I would be dead. That is absolutely crazy to me.”



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