Folk singers are like you and me –

Dec. 13, 2019 – PN: You’ve got a new album coming out, called Pipe Dream. Tell me a little bit about it, and why its different than your first album? Well, we are coming up on like our fifth year of playing together. This City was released in 2016, and it was when I was freshly out of rehab, pretty much in my first year of being sober, and I think most of it is very representative of that period. They were all pretty much written in that first year, and like Mollie learned all the songs in one month before we recorded. This album is a bit different as it is more representative of the three years that have passed since that time, and the songs are less about the frustration in my life, and more about the world … Less about me, and more WOW!, these are the things that are wrong with society that I wish I could change. And that’s a shift that I’ve gone through in the past few years. Also, a lot of the first album was recorded live, but Dan and I acted as the producers of this album, and didn’t want to be limited to this acoustic band that we play with live, so with certain songs we added more layers, like bass and drums. I like recording albums live because there is a certain energy that is created, like when we play live, we play acoustically with one microphone, and we wanted to capture that energy on the album, but also didn’t want to tie ourselves down and limit the sound.

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