A Moving Target is Harder to Hit –

July 2018 – We all know that exercise is good for you. But did you know that it can also help fight teenage drug abuse, addiction, and teen depression? Research shows that regular exercise can help people get off drugs and alcohol and combat depression. Furthermore, it helps people stay in recovery. As a result, scientists are looking closely at the neurobiological underpinnings of this discovery. They are also examining its ramifications for teen mental health treatment. Hence, what they do know is that it works—on multiple levels … Addictive drugs stimulate the brain’s reward system through a surge of the pleasure hormone dopamine. Consequently, finding healthy ways to increase dopamine is key to successful recovery. Therefore, this is especially true in the early days when withdrawal cravings are intense. In addition, evidence shows that exercise can be used as an alternative reward for the body and brain. As a result, this can make it easier to stay clean.

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