Life Saving Toilets –

MAY 14, 2019 – A lifelong tinkerer, King went to work developing a bathroom that would alert staff if an individual inside needed help. King acknowledges that his system could apply to a number of potential medical emergencies, but preventing drug overdoses from turning fatal is the primary goal. The highly sensitive motion detector he designed alerts staff by sounding an alarm if someone falls to the floor and remains there. “It was a learning curve,” he said. “We started at four minutes, but within a week Jessie called me and said, ‘John, four minutes is too long, can you set it to three? But that was too long too. Now it’s two minutes.”

Early this year King officially launched Lifesaver Alert, LLC to replicate the model, which he describes as overdose intervention, not prevention. As far as he knows, LifeSaver Alert is the first commercial business to attempt to mass produce overdose-proof bathrooms. The video below shows King’s system in action:

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