Wisdom of the Streets –

MAY 15, 2019  – chick invited me to meet up with him at the Impact Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Pasadena. It was there, in 2010, that he got sober after decades of drug abuse that began when he was a Santa Monica teen. Today, he is the center’s procurement director. Schick, a tall 54-year-old redhead with a commanding voice, led me through Impact’s residential facility, which is a temporary home to 130 recovering addicts who come from jails, courts and the streets. And the waiting list of those who’d like to move in is long.

“From age 15 to 23 I was under the influence every waking minute of the day,” said Schick, who started with marijuana and then moved on to crack and other drugs. He said his absent father was an alcoholic, his mother worked and he took advantage of the situation, but paid a price.

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