May 18, 2022 – There’s a similar vibe at his (home) concert, actually recorded at his house, with a live audience of neighbors and friends and a palpable feeling of genuine hospitality and gratitude. Look at the deep blue paint on the walls IDK carefully selected, along with other adornments in his lovely Los Angeles home. Visually, the room is vivid yet calm, and sonically, his music has that same kind of feeling. 

He starts with a lovely, slow version of “Puerto Rico,” from his 2021 album USEE4YOURSELF. Its lush harmonies and dynamic swells get you ready to dance for his next song, “Taco,” a house-influenced, gritty song from his new album produced by DJ prodigy Kaytranada. The album’s title, Simple., references Simple City, a neighborhood in Southeast Washington, D.C. He wants the world to know that the fix to helping disadvantaged Black communities isn’t as “simple” as you think.


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