May 19, 2022 – But now, I was cozied up for a k-hole in Field Trip, a cutely-named startup where ketamine therapy costs $750 for a medical evaluation, an intake session, one therapy session, a ketamine day, plus a debriefing appointment. (Annoying disclosure: I had free access to these treatments while writing this story.)

With its abundance of ferns and spherical furniture and braided rugs in every room, the Field Trip office sort of resembled the apartment of one of my exes, who made his living renting his space out to Urban Outfitters catalog shoots. I didn’t exactly feel at home — the last piece of furniture I bought came from BJs, and I typically frequent the type of doctor’s office where they keep you in a stuffy waiting room for hours while Maury plays overhead on the oldest television I’ve ever seen. 

But everyone was exceedingly nice, unstuffy, and genuinely warm to me. A nurse explained that she was taking my blood pressure beforehand since ketamine can cause a spike and encouraged me to take an anti-nausea medication just in case I felt sick during the trip. Jenna — who looked like she came straight out of a featured role playing Nicole Kidman’s character’s next shrink on season 3 of Big Little Lies — had a honey-smooth voice, but she broke character every once and a while to talk about normal stuff like tattoos and exercise classes.


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