Sept. 2, 2021 -“Before [my career] was over with, I was consuming over 183 pills a week, not knowing the effects it had on my liver or my kidneys,” McCants said in a 2015 Vice Sports interview. He was never as effective as a pro as he was in college and was considered a bust when the Buccaneers parted ways with him after just three seasons. Between stints with the Houston Oilers and Arizona Cardinals, McCants played three more years in the NFL before the league — as he put it — “discarded” him. Following his playing career, McCants struggled with substance-abuse issues and was arrested numerous times for drug possession. He told Vice Sports that it was “more easy to get a line of cocaine or go and get some street drugs after I left the league, because it was all I could afford.” He added that out of despair over a life he felt the NFL helped to derail, he had tried on several occasions to overdose and even pondered committing suicide with a handgun.


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