Aug. 8, 2022 – ndictments have been issued in similar overdose cases in Duval County and West Palm Beach, among others, and some fentanyl dealers have been prosecuted federally, including a South Florida man who was sentenced to 20 years in prison earlier this summer.

“With the incredible increase in fentanyl related deaths, we feel very fortunate to have the ability to seek justice for Megan when so many families never know,” Hoffman’s mother, Jennifer Hoffman, said in a Tallahassee Police Department statement released Friday.

Hoffman’s body was found in an apartment at the Forum on West Tennessee Street back on New Year’s Day 2021, court records say. Officers reported finding pills, white powder and a straw nearby. allahassee Police investigators used Hoffman’s phone to track text messages with Hinson earlier that night, court records show.  Arrest papers say officers were able to verify a $70 CashApp payment to Hinson as well.

Hinson was arrested and accused of drug trafficking a few weeks later.  Those charges are still pending.


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