Jan. 15, 2021 – Group therapy helps build up the strength necessary for recovery through the essential process of validation. Coping with addiction is unbelievably challenging — doing so without peers who can relate often feels incredibly isolating. Even though the temptation to use is likely to linger for the foreseeable future, knowing that other people share the same struggles, accomplishments, and goals grounds one’s recovery in reality. If another individual can identify with our mental hardships, it makes the feelings somehow more real. Seeing those who have maintained long-term sobriety continue to prioritize their recovery with mature life decisions provides hope for the future.

As we face a global pandemic, regular group meetings have been forced to move to virtual formats. Now, group meetings take place over video conferencing programs such as Zoom and Skype. Shifting to a digital meeting platform creates unique challenges and opportunities for those who are managing their sobriety. Fortunately, there are more resources popping up for recovery in quarantine, making the virtual landscape more accessible to guiding addiction recovery than ever before.



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