Jan. 19, 2021 –

#2. You might have never guessed that your favorite bag of chips can increase your risk for cancer. According to the American Cancer Association, a chemical called acrylamide that appears in processed foods has carcinogenic properties and can lead to a variety of cancers.

This comes as terrible news for chip lovers—potato chips contain high levels of this chemical, and they present a very direct avenue through which many people consume acrylamide. You might assume that there’s no way potato chips could present the same dangers as a high-risk carcinogen like nicotine, but don’t be fooled! Both cigarette smoke and potato chips contain this carcinogen, making a threat to your health very immediate and apparent.

#3. You have always heard that processed fatty foods can do some serious damage to your heart, and chips don’t pull any punches when it comes to ruining your health. If you love digging into a bag of chips, you should plan to face the potential side effect of heart disease, thanks to the carcinogenic acrylamides.

According to Science Daily, acrylamides can lead to an increased chance of heart disease. A 2009 medical study published through the National Library of Medicine confirmed the grave results of consuming acrylamides on heart health, making chips a scientifically proven dangerous snack if you need to avoid any heart complications.



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