March 1, 2021 –  “I’m used to seeing people like me multiple times per week, but with social distancing and restrictions on gathering size, I have not gotten to see people like me and it’s been really horrible and really lonely and a huge adjustment period.” Lexi started working with Hope Creates 4 years ago.

“The other people that I’ve met here are the same, I would not know these sober artists, I wouldn’t be doing art anymore if it wasn’t for Hope Creates.” It had such a lasting impact on her, she’s now on the Creative Advisory Board helping new artists fight off addiction, through expressive art. But she says it’s become harder over the past year to keep the same sense of community.

“With Hope Creates they have stayed alive through this time period and I’ve been able to meet virtually with them … and its been really awesome to be quote on quote with my people “

Kathie Thomas-Dietz founded the 501(c)(3) back in 2017. For her it was a project with a personal mission. “The reason I started it was because my husband and I have 5 kids and one of our daughters is a recovering addict,” Thomas-Dietz said. They tried multiple approaches, but nothing worked. That is until she came across the program that used Enthusiastic Sobriety.



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