March 10, 2010 – Recognizing the increased need for SUD treatment services, the massive spending bill includes funding for numerous substance use disorder programs. While the focus in the bill centers on publicly funded treatment, a substantial amount of funding is still available for all SUD treatment providers…

This legislation includes:

1. $1.75 billion for each of the Substance Use Prevention and Treatment and Community Mental Health programs administered by SAMHSA.

2. $80 million for mental and behavioral health training for healthcare professionals and public safety officers.

3. $20 million for a national evidence-based education and awareness campaign targeting health care professionals and first responders and $40 million to promote mental and behavioral health among their work force.

4. $30 million for a new program at SAMHSA to provide prevention programs for overdose and other drug misuse.

5. $100 million for the Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training program at HRSA, to expand access to services through focused training.

The legislation includes direct payments of up to $1,400 to most Americans, a $300 weekly boost to jobless benefits into September, and an expansion of the child tax credit for one year.



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