33 years more than the Sackler family –  

Oct. 22, 2020 – Investigators say Hofstetter initially worked at a pill mill in Hollywood owned by three of her co-defendants.

As law enforcement shut down hundreds of pill mills in South Florida, Hofstetter and her co-defendants moved their operations to Tennessee, where a large percentage of the clinics’ opioid-addicted customers lived.

The conspiracy involved four separate clinics in Tennessee, evidence showed.

“Hofstetter’s role in Tennessee was to run the pill mills and ensure that patient volume remained high, thus guaranteeing enormous profits for Hofstetter and her co-defendants,” the Justice Department said in its release. “Once in Tennessee, however, Hofstetter opened her own pill mills in secret from her Florida employers and went into competition against them. Hofstetter personally reaped over $4 million from her role in these offenses.”

The multiagency investigation included work from the FBI’s Miami Field Office and the Hollywood Police Department.



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