Red, White or Rehab? –  

July 7, 2019 – Studies show that women — especially women in their 30s and 40s — are drinking more than ever before.  The cheeky ‘wine mom’ trope isn’t just dumb. It’s dangerous.] Now, with more Americans embracing wellness as an existential ideal — replacing Instagram pictures of brimming wineglasses with photos of artisanal, lime-garnished mocktails — some moms say they feel more empowered to go against the grain and pass on the booze, and less isolated in their choice to abstain. Harmony Hobbs, 39, a mom of three in Baton Rouge, and creator of the popular blog Modern Mommy Madness, “I built my following writing about how hard being a mom is,” she says, “and all I did was joke about drinking.”  But drinking wasn’t actually a joke for her — it was part of her daily life, and it was clearly affecting her behavior, Hobbs says. She’d long resisted acknowledging her dependency, but after loved ones held an intervention two years ago, she quit alcohol cold turkey. And she felt an obligation to be forthcoming about her experience with her online followers.

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