July 30, 2022 – He explains “Most of my following knew that I drank heavily. Especially when we would go live, you know I was drinking beer heavily during the lives. A lot of the friends that I have associated with through TikTok, that’s what we did, we drank. It was more of me letting everybody know that I was going to try to better myself, and not just for myself but for my family and everyone around me. And then I started getting a lot of support, and I realized that there was a lot of people having the same problem that I was. So we very quickly built a big community of people opening up talking about their problems, and that’s what started me dumping out my alcohol.” 

Hafford started posting everyday. On his third day, he posted a video of dumping out a number of beer cans he would normally drink on an average night. The now viral video has received more than 560 thousand likes, and more than 6 million views. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been commenting their support, along with sharing his story on their own Tik Tok accounts. Hafford says he couldn’t continue this journey without the support from his family and the community. 

He adds “It hit me hard that I was going to have to be accountable for my actions and my words, and that there was going to be a lot of people watching me. So that gave me the courage to stick with it. And watching people in the comment sections, communicate, and open up and have conversations with each other and help one another. And a lot of people realizing they are not alone, that gave me a lot of incentive to keep going.”


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