July 29, 2022 – Harm reduction plays a major role in supporting community members experiencing a substance use disorder, said Brandon-based Solange Machado, network co-ordinator with the Manitoba Harm Reduction Network.

“It’s scary. There’s a very toxic supply out there. And, you know, people are having a hard time getting their hands on their substance of choice, which is leading people to try new substances and really just not being sure of the potency,” she said.

When people are unaware of the potency of a drug there is an increased risk of overdosing, also referred to as toxic drug poisoning.

Last year, a record 407 Manitobans died from overdose due to illicit substances like fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine, etizolam or a combination substances, according to data from the chief medical examiner. 

That was a jump from 372 deaths in 2020 — which was a record number then.


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