July 29, 2022 – “317 days ago I embarrassed myself after drinking too much alcohol one night. It wasn’t the first time either,” Owen reflected in his caption. “The next day I told myself, ‘never again.’ I am better than that, and the people I love the most deserve better. My family, my little girls, and my friends.

“Just wanted to share my journey in case anyone woke up this morning and wants to make a change,” he continued in the post. “None of us aren’t perfect. I’m just trying to be the best version of myself these days.”

Owen’s reflection of his decision to be sober comes one day after he posted a sentimental video on his social media channels, encouraging others to spread the love. He said, in part: “…somebody out there loves you. And I know you love someone, too … Call someone today. Tell them you love them. Everybody deserves to hear from someone how much they’re loved and appreciated.”


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