Where Were the Counselors? –

May 26, 2018 – The 27-year-old father and aspiring rapper from New Jersey was trying to turn his life around after struggling for years with an addiction to marijuana and the drug Molly, a supposedly pure form of MDMA that’s often cut with other drugs, his mother Yvonne Ketter-Walls said. When he decided last spring that he was ready to get clean, his extended family in Schenectady helped him enroll at the St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center in Troy to detox, then got him into a halfway house in Troy, and finally into supportive living at the Hudson Mohawk center, which has a men’s living facility, in Troy. It was supposed to be his last stop before returning home to his daughter.

But four days after Walls entered the facility no one ever heard from him again. Wondering why he hadn’t called, his aunt visited the center on Dec. 9 to see him in person and was told he had packed all his stuff and left five days earlier, said Ketter-Walls. Surprised and worried, his family and friends began asking around town for him. Did he relapse and was hiding out? Did he overdose and die? They called morgues and hospitals. They checked local drug hangouts. They visited a Burger King he frequented and showed his picture to staff. Nothing.

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