Feb. 18, 2021 – A quote I like by Dr. Pat Allen is, “Anyone can have sex. Not everyone can make love. Some people only have sex, but those who can make love can do both.”

So, however long you are sober, are you up for some great sex and making love? If yes, get ready for some juicy experiences. Some of you, I realize, may be abstaining for awhile, or don’t have a partner at the moment. That’s okay. This information will serve to desensitize you for when the time comes. For those of you in sexual relationships now, or anyone about to embark on any new sexual activity, here are some tips on how to create a rich and fulfilling sex/love life in recovery … For anyone who wants a deeper dive into this subject, many books abound. For sober people sex can be addictive, confusing or taboo, so gathering information is a good idea. Honestly sharing any troubling thoughts with a professional or other trustworthy, sober people you admire will be key. If you are openminded and willing to to be a new YOU in the bedroom (or in the kitchen or wherever), you will discover the freedom and joy in your ability to have sex and make love.

In recovery, you’ve got your brain back, and have reconnected to your heart. This means you can learn to make love. YOU can make love. How freaking amazing is that? 



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