March 26, 2021 – Violent crime, meanwhile, has declined about 20% so far this year compared to the same three months of last year, largely before the coronavirus pandemic, according to police statistics. Similarly, property crime declined 35% when comparing those time periods.

“Clearly, the data suggests that there is no public safety value in prosecuting these low-level offenses,” Mosby said. She made her announcement Friday outside the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse in her first public appearance since The Baltimore Sun reported last week of a federal criminal tax investigation into the state’s attorney and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby. She did not discuss the investigation and directed all questions on the matter to her attorney.

An hour later, Mayor Brandon Scott held a press conference and was asked about the federal investigation into the Mosbys. He declined to comment. Federal prosecutors issued subpoenas to several churches, a children’s nonprofit and a campaign treasurer seeking records of donations and other financial documents related to the Mosbys.



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