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Jan. 9, 2021 – She calls Hector, Ruben’s sobriety mentor, who gives Lou directions to a deaf community for recovering drug addicts. The community is run by Joe (Paul Raci), an impassioned sage who can help Ruben mitigate his fall into the abyss. But Ruben must first accept his deafness and learn to be still. At one point, Joe asks a rebellious Ruben, “I wonder, all these mornings you’ve been in my study, sitting, have you had any moments of stillness? Because you’re right Ruben, the world does keep moving and it can be a damn cruel place. But for me, those moments of stillness—that place—that’s the kingdom of God.”

“Sound of Metal’’ was inspired by “Metalhead,” a scrapped film project by co-writer Derek Cianfrance (“I Know This Much Is True”) based on a true story about a drummer who loses his hearing. The film is largely devoid of gratuitous eye candy. There is nothing to gawk at visually, there are no over-the-top action scenes, no big sets, no sex, no SFX, no chase scenes, no clever over-produced sequences of any kind.



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