WATCH – Despair and Addiction –  

Jan. 8, 2021 – “She was staying with a mutual friend.” It’s still very fresh in Danielle Owen’s mind as she recounts a tragic story of personal loss. Owen says her friend’s husband found her friend unconscious on the kitchen floor and immediately called 911, but then, she received a phone call with the worst news. “I got a call that within the hour she had passed.” Owen’s friend had died from a drug overdose. The loss of her friend made her feel helpless. “What do I do? Run to her rescue? There was nothing I could do at that point to save her,” she said.

Unfortunately, the bad news did not stop there. Less than a month later, Owen received another call saying the husband of Danielle’s friend, who had found his wife dead, also overdosed and died. “He had been in treatment in Orlando for about six months,” said Owen. They sadly left behind a little girl.



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