March 7, 2023  – “We have to take care of each other so that we can take care of everyone else,” Charlotte group leader and owner of Restaurant Constance chef Sam Diminich said.  

Members of the group take care of each other by supporting their sober journeys in an industry that can be hard to stick with it. 

“The restaurant industry is ridden with people who use and drink, it’s just kind of known,” server Sara Sheppard explained. 

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Sheppard said being surrounded by alcohol when serving cocktails and drinks to guests can be tough. Diminich added people often leave the jobs they love because of it. 

“I think people early in sobriety or in long-term sobriety are still unsure whether or not [working in] food and beverage is an option for them, so we want to put a face to recovery and hopefully carry the torch,” Diminich said with a smile. 


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