Love and Loss –

July 15, 2020 – Ian explained how both addiction and grief require a person to work through fear and anxiety. He refers to the unanswered questions that he had after his wife died as well as the feelings of abandonment. 

Ian turned to sport and wanted to be alone yet his experience of recovering from alcoholism helped him to connect with his emotions and gain support from close friends. Shortly after Vikki died, Ian’s cancer got worse and he wondered about declining treatment. He said: “Vikki was gone … what else was there? And I was in so much pain.”

But he resolved to keep her spirit and legacy alive, establishing a scholarship in her name and raising £103,000 for the Royal Marsden cancer hospital through a charity dinner.

He said the book serves as a love letter to Vikki and a record of her achievements, and is an enduring homage to her life.



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