Titans Gather at UK High Tea –

May 13, 2019 – We learned about the excellent work that nacoa.UK is doing is both on the ground and in cyber space, is part of this reaching out effort to educate and advocate. “We’re so proud that over the last few years, the Nacoa helpline has been central to a wider national discussion around children affected by their parent’s drinking and how we can help them”, says Piers Henriques, head of communications, nacoa.uk. “With a group of Members of Parliament, we’ve managed to convince the UK government to put in place money for a strategy to help children affected. It’s the first national strategy of its type for COAs in the world. As well as managing our core helpline services, which are available to anyone in the UK, we’ve also been working at reaching out to children, and adult children, by starting conversations in both social and traditional media. Nacoa’s work has been splashed on the front pages of major newspapers, featured in several BBC documentaries, and admired by national and international leaders on social media. Our associated community blog, COAisathing.com, has given voice to hundreds of previously-silent voices. It’s been a busy time, but never in our thirty years have we seen the general understanding of the issue growing so fast. For those affected, it’s enabled countless people to find and support. For those of us demanding that more be done to prevent the damage of someone else’s drinking cascading down the generations, it has given a tremendous momentum.”

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