July 19, 2021 – Such an approach allows a patient to conduct weekly sessions with a doctor, while also accessing digital tools and chat features that nudge or support them in the interim. “People don’t want to spend a huge amount of time on their healthcare, but want to be doing the stuff that is high impact,” Sherwani adds. The different programs also send related physical tools needed for treatment like a breathalyzer that can analyze nicotine levels for the tobacco track or Naltrexone, a medication that helps prevent relapses, prescriptions for the alcohol plan. 

Patients are only charged when they see results, the CEO says. One thing that sets Quit Genius apart: the success of its treatment programs. The startup has conducted multiple peer-reviewed studies so far, including a 12-month controlled study of tobacco treatment that Sherwani says outperformed solely face-to-face sessions. “While we were trying to prove we were just as good, it was significantly better than usual care,” Sherwani says. “We were seeing quit rates we had never seen before, sustained quit rates at six months.” The program was also recently named the preferred solution for tobacco addictions by the World Health Organization.


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