July 8, 2021 –  Roger Brunelle Jr, president of the International Union of painters and Allied Trades, District Council 35 in Boston, lost his 26 year old son Brent Hastings to an overdose in 2016. He said his son became addicted after he was prescribed painkillers for an injury. Brunelle became emotional during the press conference and said the deal is a victory for others.

“Today I’m not standing here to celebrate a victory because for our families there can be no victory. However, excuse me, what’s happening here today is going a long way toward putting more tools in the toolbox for education, prevention and hopefully recovering for those who are struggling now.”

Cheryl Juaire lost two sons, one just two weeks ago, to opioid-related overdoses and started Team Sharing, a support group for parents and families.

“How do I stand here now? Because I, like the hundreds of thousands of families out there who have lost a loved one, have waited for justice for those that created this epidemic. Today, Team Sharing stands here in support of the agreement that have been reached in the Purdue Pharma case. I’m grateful because money is going to be used toward treatment, prevention, education and compensation in the hopes that not one more parent has to bury their child.”

Healey said she would continue to try to change laws so companies cannot profit from addiction.



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