July 1, 2022 – Their lives resembled those of the many trapped by addiction – in and out of rehab, jail cells and hospital beds – until the two Santa Clarita parents suffering from fentanyl addiction received a FaceTime call from their 4-year-old daughter several weeks back. 

“Our daughter was taken from us… and I hadn’t talked to her in four days,” said Dante. “When I finally had the chance to talk to her and when we were saying goodbye, she was holding back tears. I was crying so hard, and I think it was the next day when I was thinking ‘I can’t believe I did this. I did this to my little girl.’” Dante and his wife had been experimenting with opiates for 15 years, before their casual weekend sessions evolved into daily doses of methamphetamine and fentanyl – a routine that left the couple homeless, and separated from their daughter. 


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