The Heroin Journey – 

Oct. 19, 2019 – His addiction led him to the some of the shadiest parts of Eureka where he saw young girls strung out and preyed upon by older men. He bought drugs in horrifying situations with stacks of guns and cash sitting next to piles of heroin and meth. His addiction and lifestyle led to him getting stabbed four times in the stomach behind the Bayshore Mall when he was caught by a rival group transporting heroin in Eureka.  

But that is in his past now. Henderson — the Outpost is withholding his real name in order to protect his privacy — is currently in treatment at the Waterfront Recovery Services. A decision he made almost flippantly as he was walking to the dump to cash in some of the recyclables he collected the day before. Henderson’s story is uncommon in the sense that he actually got help to kick his addiction — something that is not readily available to all of Eureka’s homeless population. 

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