LITTLE LATE for 2021, but GREAT IDEA! – 

April 20, 2021 – “Just for 24 is a day to celebrate your recovery and support your friends in recovery by having fun in the name of sobriety,” she added.

She said that the festivities on Saturday, April 24 will begin at 10 a.m., with a trip to the Lower East Side’s booze-free bottle shop Spirited Away “to load up on booze-free beverages” she said, “then off to Brooklyn for some roller skating [at Pier 2] and wrapping at PS Kitchen with an event with prizes from REVA Recovery Support, Soylent, Athletic Brewing Company and Monday [alcohol-free] gin.” 

It’ll be live-streamed from 4 p.m. on Duke’s Instagram and the Just for 24 account. 

“Come join the event and celebrate sobriety and make new friends!,” said Duke.

Duke and her online cohorts recently did battle with juice brand Tropicana over a series of ads encouraging parents to drink in secret to combat COVID-related stress.



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