April 23, 2021 – We heard from someone who has reached the end of his rope: “In June, I will have suffered from severe chronic pain for 28 years. I will be dead before then. My doctor has cut me back from 180 mg of methadone and 75 mcg of fentanyl to 80 mg of methadone, along with Robaxin. When I was first put on methadone and fentanyl after 13 years of pain, I was pain-free for nearly 14 years.

“My doctor wants me off all opioids. I have three different types of severe pain.

“I also have dysphagia [trouble swallowing], which led to COPD. There is a possibility of improving the dysphagia, maybe even eliminating it altogether. Instead, it looks like it might be my way out. I have already talked to my pulmonary doctor about discontinuing my nebulizer treatments so I could die without committing suicide. Since 2003, I’ve had eight bouts of pneumonia. It wouldn’t be hard to get another one.

“He told me that he would make me as comfortable as possible if I chose to go into the hospital. I’m sick of hospitals, so I’d rather die at home.



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