Dialing for Deliverance –

Sept. 13, 2018 – Heroin is the devil,” said Alicia Burdick. “It eats away at your soul. It makes you somebody that you would never dream of becoming. It literally steals your life from you.” … “I just knew there were other moms out there who felt like I did, and I wanted them to know they’re not alone,” Jaskulski said. “They’re not a bad parent. It’s not their fault. There is hope and help.” Jaskulski started working with the Addiction Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. – meeting with government leaders and helping get the organization’s helpline to Wisconsin. It’s basically a one-stop “shop” for addiction support. It provides one-on-one consultations with trained medical professionals and addiction specialists. In 2017, about 61 percent of the overdose deaths in Delaware involved fentanyl and 40 percent involved heroin. In many overdose deaths, multiple substances are found in a person’s system during toxicology screens.

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