Nov. 27, 2021 – “I have my moments when I cannot hold tears back. I have my moments when I scream and I fight, said Iris Seda.

Seda’s daughter, 22-year-old Anna Sepulveda, died on Tuesday. She says she’s speaking out — as painful as it is to do so — to help build awareness about the opioid epidemic.

“My daughter had a lot of potential, she was doing her thing,” added Seda. “She got her EKG certificate with a 4.0. She had her phlebotomy certificate also — so she was doing her thing, she was really, really trying. All it really takes is that one time of slipping up, when you think you are going to be OK and you never make it back home — and that’s what happened to my daughter.”

Sepulveda gave up her son Jace for adoption according to Seda but was proud to later get her certification as a health care worker as a way of showing Jace she was trying to live what she called “her best life.”


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